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Following my FND diagnosis Lisa has helped me a lot to try and find out why I have this very challenging Neuropsychiatric condition.

It has been established that the origins of FND are likely to be Trauma. Once I had identified the Trauma in my life Lisa has then helped me very effectively and professionally to manage these experiences. It has softened my FND, it might not make it go away, but means what is left is readily manageable by myself.

She has even managed to hypnotise me through WhatsApp video.

Lisa is now helping me to discover myself as I unmask after my recent ASD and ADHD diagnoses.

Lisa knows her stuff, she is very easy to talk to and is professional and an excellent coach. She is also always available on WhatsApp to help me when I am not seeing her in one of our consultations.

She is ready to admit anything that she doesn't know or is unsure about and will always seek an answer and get back to me.

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