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Child Therapy & Teen Coaching

*Panic Attacks


*Low Mood

*Friendship Issues/Social Engagement

*Confidence & Self Esteem Issues


*Exam Stress


*Behavioural Changes/Issues

*Low Mood


*Lack Of Coping Skills

*Negative Self Image Issue/Beliefs

*Coping with Change

*Nightmares/Sleep Issues

*Negative Thinking


*Loss of a Loved One

*Tearful & Emotional

*Fear, & Phobias

*Negative Habits


*Food Issues



Therapy Sessions include:

- allowing the child to develop healthy coping mechanisms, that help them self-soothe appropriately.

- helping them to manage, and regulate, their nervous system (anxiety).

- training their minds to feel safe.

- allowing them to manage stress positively.

- learning how to lift their own mood, regulate boredom, and use their voice appropriately.

- over-riding fears, and phobias,

- teaching them how to self-validate, and be their own best friend.

- raising self esteem, confidence, and self-worth.

- encouraging healthy boundaries for the self, and with others.

- learning how to remain calm in times of strife.

- adopting healthy self-beliefs, and resilience.

Mac Therapy offers children's set programmes suited to age and stage of development. Sessions include educational tasks, art therapy, an introduction to the hypnosis journey, and character building in coaching. Programmes run over 4/6/8 weeks, from age 5+, on a one-one basis, up to 1 hour per week, sessions available online. All children's programmes are tailored to suit their hobbies, passions, and interests, designed specifically first and foremost to be fun, whilst learning new skills, and managing their individual struggles. 


Parent Sessions are available on dealing with your child's emotions, life changes, and environmental structures.

"Addressing such issues during childhood, from the onset, as they present, prevents long term issues, and encourages; a positive mindset in the introduction to therapy, and coaching, whilst becoming comfortable to ask for help when needed."

Happy & Healthy Children
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