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Grief & Loss

Grieving takes time, it is not something that can be rushed. It is very unwise to try and switch off your emotions, as this can lead to depression, stress, or anxiety, at a later stage. I always remind my clients that crying is healing - not only does crying bring some relief, but it also releases the chemical cortisol, and reduces adrenaline.

Grief, Bereavement, and Loss, can come into our lives not only when a loved one passes, but when someone leaves our lives;

*A family member that has chosen to leave our lives, or one you have had to depart from for personal reasons.

*A parent who is embroiled in a custody case, who is grieving the absence of their child.

*A loss of a partner, relationship, or a divorce.

*The loss of the remaining child from the home - empty nest syndrome.

Grief is a multifaceted response to loss. One can experience a range of emotions such as: betrayal, vulnerability, anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, resentment, fear, worry, hopelessness, loneliness, rawness, trauma, and shame.

There are 5 different stages in the grieving process (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance), yet this is in no particular order - and we can stick at any stage during this process.

"Grief is a passage, not a place to stay - Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith.  It's the price of love."

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but it takes time. Talking helps, yet many find it hard to talk openly of how they feel about their loss.  They often feel that no one around them understands, or has experienced the same.


One can often feel ridden with guilt, if a loved one passes alone, and if they are unable to say their goodbyes.

Many feel they have lost their purpose in life, especially if the loss surrounds a child, whilst others feel they have had no closure, or a reason for the departure; therefore, struggle to find any resolve, or peace within their minds. 

What is most important here, is that the emotions, and feelings, are acknowledged, explored, and released - not supressed - this might seem scary to some; however, it takes more energy, willpower, and upset, to try and switch these emotions off, than it is to work through them.

My Grief sessions bring much needed relief to the emotions, feelings, and thoughts, that you have been experiencing and weighing you down.  It can deal with trauma that has been experienced, which can be common when the passing has been plagued with illness, traumatic, or sudden. Grief is a journey, and with exploring your feelings, and working through these stages, brings light at the end of the tunnel just a little bit closer.

"Where there lies deep grief, lies deep love."

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