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Rewiring the Belief System


A belief is our internal, personal attitude, that a particular ‘thing’ is true, or false - good, or bad.

Our belief system gives us the driving force in our values, attitudes, opinions, actions, and behaviours.

Our belief system is formed throughout childhood, and keeps forming throughout life, from many different sources, such as; parents/caregivers, siblings, friends, teachers, religion, politics, social media, books, even music, and of course, our very own life experiences, and how we perceive ourselves - self beliefs.

As a child growing up, we adopted, and learned generational beliefs; however, when we step back as an adult, and view some of these beliefs, we can become aware that they are in fact another's limitations, opinions, fears etc, not our own. 

Our beliefs are a compelling force from within, which highly influence our choices in our careers, relationships, and what we do, or do not achieve in our lives. They influence our goals, strategies, and accomplishments; therefore, it is a valuable awareness, to recognise beliefs that hold us back, or self-beliefs, that are detrimental to our emotional wellbeing.


We can also develop beliefs which are untrue about the self too, such as, I am not worthy, deserving, lovable, and not good enough. 

Often, we are unaware that our belief system can be highly detrimental to our well being, as these beliefs are automatic, and self beliefs operate from our sub-conscious mind; therefore, most of the time, we are not even aware to how limiting they can be - which prevents us from reaching our highest potential. 

Which beliefs do you have, that hold you back, and are self-critical?

Which negative beliefs have you adopted, that in fact, belong to someone else?

Do you still hear another’s critical voice when making decisions - your parents, perhaps?

Have you received negativity from a few, and now believe this as fact?

Negative Beliefs;

‘I ruin everything good that comes into my life’

‘I’m not really good at anything’

‘I don’t feel deserving of good things’

‘I’m complicated’

‘I don’t fit in’

 ‘I always get it wrong’

'The world is a very unsafe, and scary place.

'I will never be successful'

'I feel at fault for many things in my life'

'I am unworthy'

'I am damaged due to what happened to me'

'I am not good enough'

Positive Beliefs;

‘I know I will succeed’

‘I deserve the best’

‘I can do anything I put my mind to’

'I am always lucky in life’

‘I’m a strong person’

'I am not at fault for what happened to me'

'I am good enough'

'I deserve a caring and respectful partner'

'I am a good person'

'I will get through this tough time'

"Mac Therapy can help you identify, and reframe unwanted, and limiting beliefs, by accessing the subconscious mind, and rewiring to the chosen new belief desired."  

I can do it
Negative Self Beliefs
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