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Stress & Burn Out

Stress is not always bad for us …

It’s simply our body’s response to changes that create challenging demands. There is a difference between what we perceive as positive stress (eustress), and negative stress (distress).

However, we should not endure stress for any length of time, and it is imperative to find resolve as quickly as possible, to prevent damage to vital organs, reduce the outcome of it developing into anxiety, or burnout, protect our immune system, and prevent physical illness.

Stress appears when we feel under a lot of pressure, whether this is from our environment, or from others around. It may occur when we have too many changes in our lives, or worried about something we have no control over. It can arise when we have too much on our plate, or if we do not have balance between work and play.

Stress Symptoms : fatigue, insomnia, overthinking, irritable, angry, impatient, overwhelmed, nervous, afraid, unfocused, brain fog loss of humour, sense of dread, worried, tense, breathing difficulties, tearful, panic attacks, blurred vision, muscle aches, headaches, chest pain, high blood pressure, heartburn, tummy upsets, feeling sick, dizzy, feeling faint, weight changes, itchy skin, sweating, menstrual changes.

Stress Behaviours : indecisive, unable to concentrate, memory loss, on edge, easily irritated, chew finger nails/bite skin, clench jaw/grind teeth, clear throat, libido loss, the use of unhealthy coping mechanisms, development of bad habits, tearful, withdraw from others.

Mac Therapy offers a one-one, ‘stress-free’ treatment plan to relax the nervous system, and manage; migraine attacks, IBS issues, brain fog, unhealthy habits, and to strengthen your immune system.

With this plan, you will learn healthy coping mechanisms to effectively reduce stress when it starts, curb bad habits such as drinking, over-thinking, over-eating, negative mood changes, and have better focus, and physical energy.

This is ideal for teenagers sitting exams, men and women who are under immense pressure at work, individuals who are going through difficult life challenges, carers, anxiety, and depression sufferers, and children who present as nervous, or behavioural issues.


What is Burn Out?


Burn out is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion where the body almost completely shuts down. It can occur when you have experienced long term unmanaged stress, or continual bouts of stressful periods.

Burn Out Symptoms: Feeling utterly drained where no amount of sleep makes you feel better - feelings of helplessness, defeat, or entrapment - feeling detached from others, or the world around you - having a negative, and cynical mindset - immense feelings of self doubt/imposter syndrome - emotional exhaustion - feelings of inadequacy, anxiousness, frustration, irritability - insomnia.

Women burned out and stressed
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